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Disk Wipe Certificates

Who requires data wipe certificate?

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer, IT Manager

What is Data Erasing Or Data Erase Verification?

The Stellar Secure Erase verification service is an audit of Stellar. Stellar acts as a ‘third party’ and on the customer’s request provide a statement on the outcome of an erase process. It examines whether the data carrier is erased by standardised norms. The service provides a ‘third party assurance regarding the Information Security and Privacy of companies.

Why get tested by Stellar?

Secure erasure of hard drives and SSDs formally consists of two steps; the “Drop IN” or “Purging” and then verifying the erase process. Without verification, there is no ‘secure erasure’ which means, there is no concrete evidence that the data is safely deleted. An audit procedure is therefore needed. Optionally, verification may be carried out in whole or in batches. Companies use the Stellar authentication service for the review of their batch-erased data carriers by an independent third party.

Also in outsourcing IT Asset Disposition

As well as IT Asset Disposition by companies is outsourced, it is necessary to verify the results of the services by a third party like Stellar.

Methods Used

Stellar takes as a basis for auditing the classification of NIST800-88r1 and put forensic and data recovery methods and techniques in order to reach a decision. Stellar also uses its own specialised data recovery expertise, laboratory tools, and techniques. These methods and techniques can be depending on the desired security level non-invasive / invasive and non-destructive / destructive nature. Research is depending on the desired level of research on logical and / or physical level. The latter is quite often overlooked by performers making important data, which does not reveal with software tools, are still on the data carrier. A thorough inspection on a physical level, including all hidden and normally sealed portions of the data carrier, closes the latter risk.

What does Data deletion certification do?

The authentication service provides a legal document (a statement) with a detailed explanation of Stellar on the wiping performance. The document defined the order, the desired security which has been tested, the test methods used, and the judgment of Stellar on the outcome of the tests. The document is dated and signed by an authorised officer of Stellar Data Recovery is in addition to the audit trail of concerning company.

What storage devices are being reviewed by Stellar?

Stellar provides data erase verification for hard drives and flash storage media such as SSDs, SD cards, USB sticks, Micro SD, etc.

When to call on Stellar?

Call Stellar directly after data destruction procedures has been performed.

Call 020 3034 0201 or mail to info@stellardatarecovery.co.uk.

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