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IT Asset Disposition Services

A commonly used term for IT Asset Disposition, IT recycling, and computer recycling. IT asset disposition, however, is a much broader concept. You can read why and what the Stellar & Envion combination can mean for your organisation.

For Whom IT Asset Disposition is Important?

Asset manager, security officer or CISO, privacy officer, IT manager

Every organisation should ensure that any IT equipment that is no longer in service or is ending its life cycle, this equipment should be disposed of in a systematic manner. These includes equipment that goes back to the leasing company, every PC, notebook, loose hard drive, server, tablet or smartphone contains data and therefore can lead to unwanted data leaks. These devices can cause possible environmental damage and are classified as e-waste.

Eliminating Environmental Damage

Every organisation wants to exclude the risk of reputation damage and needs to deal responsibly with the IT equipment. In doing so, they also need to ensure that it does not cost and the impact of IT hardware/software change is minimal.

IT Asset Disposition and Leasing

A well-executed IT Asset Disposition Plan can also contribute to reducing additional costs to the leasing company. Leasing companies charge extra cost if equipment needs to be repaired. These additional costs are not calculated in the rental budget of the enterprise.

Envion Stellar provides a safe and responsible ITAD process


IT Asset Disposition services of Stellar Envion helps organisations minimise the significant risks and to maximise resale value by safely and responsibly take over all or part of the ITAD process.

The main components of which a process is ITAD are constructed:

Secure data destruction

Stellar Envion ensures that all data carriers are cleared properly and safely following international standards. If the data storage media condition allows it to be safely erased, in such cases the data is wiped out with the help advanced data wipe software. In other cases, the data carrier is physically destroyed in a Degausser or a shredder.

All Stellar Envion procedures are based on NIST800-88 guidelines. After the destruction of the data can data not be retrieved with the most advanced forensic techniques. The data erased will be checked thoroughly by Stellar and Envion. The audit will vary depending on the security requirements of your organisation for each data carrier being carried out or in batches.

Stellar also acts as a third party to verify independently wiping results. For each data, the carrier is a very detailed reset report and certificate available for the internal administration of your organisation. This reporting can also delivered in a database.

Secure logistics and transport

If the data storage device is put out of services by the company, the company is still responsible for it until it’s properly disposed of. Envion follows strict guidelines for packaging, collection and transportation of the IT assets and thereby minimising the efforts by the company.

Refurbishment, Remarketing, Re-use, Redeployment, Responsible Recycling

Depending on the needs of your organisation handles all Envion will manage activities for or with you; Envion will do so using the services of its sister companies CSN in Den Bosch and Re-Shelve in Heteren. Refurbishment of recycling and everything in between. With a total area of over 10,000 square meters processing area, years of experience in refurbishing, repair, warranties and claims handling Envion ensures maximum residue return on your IT equipment.


Envion provides detailed real-time and final reports of all IT assets including video monitoring of processes.

Warranty repairs and repairs

Envion can perform repairs and provide the devices with original parts. When returning equipment to the leasing company Envion except for data cleaning can also take care of small repairs so that the leasing company you need to charge any additional costs for defective equipment.

Software imaging

Envion is an authorised authority for the refurbishing of data storage device and, if desired, after carrying out a certified data wipe these data storage devices is provided again with new software.

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