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Data recovery blog posts by technicians with over 23+years combined data recovery services from Hard Drive, NAS Servers, RAID servers, Mobile, SD cards and much more. Here we present information about Data recovery services and news updates in the field of data recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery Service Provider in UK

This blog guides you on how you can obtain an external hard drive recovery service from a safe and reliable source that meets the criteria and on which you can trust. It also highlights the causes and prevention of data loss from external hard drives. If you find yourself in […]

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EU Asks Businesses To Get Cracking On Data Erasure Policy

The scandal that Edward Snowden brought in May 2013 by leaking the confidential documents to the journalist named Glenn Greenwald made it necessary for the European Union (EU) to make Erasure Data from the data storage devices mandatory for all companies. This was to increase the minimum security expectations for […]

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What Are Solar Storms?

Solar storms are extreme weather conditions on Sun and which results in a release of a huge burst of energy and send energy, light and high-speed plasma particles in space. In a major eruption, the sun shoots a beam of heat and light (solar flare), a huge ball of plasma […]

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The story behind leaked data from Hillary Clinton’s Blackberry

Even Blackberry mobile phones, which are considered to be one of the safest and secured lines of mobile devices can be attacked and hacked. Also, data can be recovered from even a damaged Blackberry phone. Therefore, a proven data erasure software must be used to erase data when the data […]

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IT Offers Diverse Possibilities for Women

Stellar interviewed Ms.Namrata Sengupta Head – International Partner Business at Stellar for her experience in the IT sector for the International Girls Day. “Women are the future and are needed in every business sector even in men domains.” For several years Namrata has been working at Stellar, an international leader […]

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