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An unparalleled success rate of Data Recovery

Data loss can be a big problem, and it requires a solution i.e. data recovery and preferably as quickly as possible. Your lost data can indeed be confidential and precious, for individuals as well as business alike. Data loss can be a huge cost and cause a lot of headaches, and Data Recovery is the solution. Prices and service levels.

We Perform More Than 35,000 Data Recoveries Jobs Each Year In The Stellar laboratories Worldwide

Stellar has In-house labs where we recover data, we have done more than 35,000 data recovery jobs in a year. Also, more than 2 million customers worldwide use the Stellar recovery software; Our Recovery Software’s are being downloaded 300,000 times per month by users all over the world.

Our services offer a unique blend of experience and skills for successful data retrieval.

Stellar UK Offers up to 100% Data Recovery

We are known for high success rate, in a maximum number of cases, we make sure that we fully recover your data. Stellar’s success rate is unmatched and unparalleled. Also, we guarantee a safe and fast execution of your data recovery.

We guarantee if we cannot recover your data you will not be charged, No Recovery- No Charge.

Data Recovery From Any Storage Media

Stellar provides data recovery from any storage media: be its simple hard disk drive (HDD) of a desktop or laptop, Solid State Disks (SSD), USB drive, SMART phone or a complex storage server, RAID system, enterprise NAS or SAN storage box with any RAID configuration.

Stellar recovers data that others considered unrecoverable.

We specialise in Hard Disk Recovery for all leading manufacturers, be it Seagate Hard Disk, Western Digital Hard Disk, Toshiba or Samsung hard drives. We can restore data from all hhd of any make and model and assure up to 100% recovery. 
HDD Brands:StellarHDD Brands Seagate: Stellar HDD Brands Toshiba-Stellar HDD Brands Samsung- Stellar

Data Recovery From Any Operating System

If you have Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, 98, or 95), Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, Novell, or another operating system?
No matter what operating system you have, we will respond immediately. Call our data recovery experts for free advice: + 020 3034 0201.

Stellar Data Recovery: Renowned Brand Worldwide

The data recovery specialists of Stellar has over 23+ years’ experience. As the most successful data recovery company, we have built an excellent reputation in the United Kingdom and Europe.

What Are Our Assets?

Our unrivalled success rate, and also our innovative methods, 23+ years of experience and our highly secure and transparent data retrieval process for our customers are few reasons to opt for Stellar.

 Your Data Is 100 % Safe With Stellar

The users want to be assured that the data recovery is happening fast and with accuracy in a safe and controlled environment. The report of BDO, an independent and impartial party, gives you that assurance.BDO audits Stellar, and provides Report, giving the customers unbiased report about Stellar’s commitment.quality and integrity.

Understanding Your Data Recovery Process

In addition to security, we offer a high level of transparency and understanding of our procedures. You can follow the progress of your data retrieval process at Stellar 24/7, day and night, follow through our online platform. We are proud to offer this unique service.

Optimum Data Recovery? Not experiment.

Are you facing data loss? Stay calm and understand that recovery in almost all cases is possible.Do not Attempt any kind of Experiment on the media device, it will aggravate the data loss situation. You may face permanent data loss. Get in touch with a specialist, speak with us for a free consultation in case of data loss +20 3034 0201.

High-Quality Data Recovery

If you want to increase your chances of maximum data retrieval, be extremely careful with your media devices. Avoid dropping your media device, bump against something. Do not experiment yourself and open your hard drive in any way. That is only in a specially equipped clean room lab. Stellar provides quality CLASS 100 clean room laboratory and an experienced team of hardware and software specialists.
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Stellar Data Recovery Process

Your data recovery process consists of 6 steps, which we like to explain to you.

  1. Our data recovery experts assess your storage media.
    Your media device is received and carefully examined by our specialists. They investigate how far it is still readable and stable.

    • Your data carrier or device is readable but unstable.
      We first make a clone (an exact copy) to a stable storage medium. With that image, we can recover your data. Your original storage medium is kept intact and thus preventing further damage and maximising data recovery.
    • Your data carrier is unreadable.
      The storage device is analysed in an ISO certified CLASS 100 cleanroom lab. Stellar data recovery specialists review, using precision instruments, the possibilities of recovering data from your media device.
  2. We propose a detailed diagnostic report
    This report gives a clear overview of what the size of the data that can be retrieved by us, which files and folders we can restore and of what quality will be these dates. Further, this reports states what damage has occurred to your storage device, or there are opportunities to use this medium yet, how much time will occupy the recovery process and what the costs excluded. You will be receiving this report immediately after payment of the diagnosis costs.
  3. Stellar experts start with your data recovery
    Once we receive your written confirmation, we go to work for you. We use this the most, through our proprietary, technologies and the most advanced instruments. See how our experts recover your data recovery….
  4. You follow your data recovery process 24/7
    Unique at Stellar: The information about the status and the progress of your media device is regularly provided.Through our online platform, you can track your data recovery process online on foot. Optionally, you will also receive regular updates via phone or email.
  5. Your data retrieval is complete
    Upon receipt of your payment, Stellar delivers your recovered data to a new storage medium.
  6. Stellar is ready
    Do you need assistance during or after your data recovery process? Our customer service and technical support are available for you. We like to help you. Call us: + 020 3034 0201.

Stellar is proud to be associated with

  • Sony
  • HP
  • Ahold
  • Coca Cola
  • Capgemini
  • Fujitsu

The 6 Core Values of Stellar

Much expertise and technical knowledge
Efficient organization and sufficient capacity
100% secure and confidential
Great convenience for the customer
Predictable and transparent processes

What Our Customers Have To Say

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Audit & Assurance

Data security and confidentiality

Stellar Data Recovery allow external audits by Third party BDO, to ensure all the quality parameters are met..

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