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Stellar Benefits

With over 16 years of experience in data recovery, technical expertise, team of data recovery engineers and state of the art infrastructure, Stellar has proven capabilities to recover data from all data storage media irrespective of any data loss situations.


Stellar has served millions of satisfied clients in Europe, USA and Asia. In Europe Stellar has its presence in Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxemburg and Italy.

Stellar Advantage:

  • ISO certified CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM
  • In-house research & development
  • Indigenous tools & techniques
  • Success rate up-to 100%
  • No Recovery No Charge Policy
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality norms
  • Easy & transparent recovery process
  • 24 X 7 Real time status on job

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Recovery Capabilites

Stellar provides fast, efficient and secure data recovery from all data storage media irrespective of any data loss situation.

Hard Drive Recovery

Stellar can recover your data back from all data loss situations, such as data deletion, virus attack, damage to the hard drive due to mechanical failure / power surges etc. Stellar is equipped with latest tools, technologies and class 100 clean room - very much required to ensure fast, efficient & maximum hard drive data recovery from all data loss situations.

Stellar can recover data from.

  • Any hard drive attached internally / externally
  • All operating systems/ file systems
  • Any damaged hard drive (fallen, burnt, flooded)
  • Any combination of hard drives attached to NAS/ SAN


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Raid Recovery

With over 16 years of experience in data recovery, Stellar ensures the best RAID Recovery solutions from any type of Raid failure situation. Be it a deleted / inaccessible volume, controller failure, Rebuild Failure or even the entire Raid Array Failure, Stellar provides fast & secure Raid data recovery services from all Raid levels and combinations.

Stellar can recover data from.

  • All Raid configurations (Raid 0, Raid1, Raid 5, Raid 50, Raid 6, Raid 6EE and more)
  • Any combination of RAID in NAS/ SAN
  • Multiple hard drive failure in any RAID array.

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Database Recovery

Is your database corrupted or inaccessible? With Stellar, you can always get back your database intact & working. Stellar posses the required knowledge about complex structures of almost all database that ensures accurate diagnosis, fixing the problem and restoring all database objects like database tables, reports, forms, stored procedures, containers, triggers etc.

Stellar can recover all Databases such as.

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Exchange Server Database
  • MySQL Database
  • Lotus Notes Database and many more..

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Flash/SSD Recovery

With Stellar, all your important documents or precious memories are never lost. Stellar owns the most advanced and industry's best flash recovery technology to recover all your important data from any type of flash storage media: flash drives, USB drives, memory sticks, PC cards, multimedia cards, secure digital cards and more.

With Stellar, Get your data back from.

  • Any formatted, damaged or unreadable Flash storage media.
  • All types / makes of flash cards.
  • Even Encrypted flash media

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Recovery Process

Service Options : Stellar offers various service options to suit to your specific requirements.


Data Recovery Process:

 Stellar follows a very simple, 3 step process to ensure transparent and hassle free data recovery experience to its clients. At the same time, we take strict measures to ensure 100% confidentiality and security of your data.


data recovery process


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