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How Does Data Recovery?

Step 1 – Free consultation

  • Based on the information we get from the customer; they get the estimated time & cost.

Step 2 – Retrieve Courier, Diagnosis, and No-obligation quote.

  • If you place your order before 12:00, a representative sent by Stellar will pick your media device on the same day!
  • The diagnosis of the media device is done
  • You will receive a report of the diagnosis and also offer for the execution of data recovery.This offer will be subject to recovery after the diagnosis of your data medium in our laboratory.
  • The offer will be made on the basis of the true nature and extent of damages analysed, the necessary work and spare parts and the use of our devices.
  • This offer is a fixed price and without commitment on your part. If you do not accept the offer, it will result in no additional cost.

Step 3 – Data Recovery on New Digital Media

  • Once we have recovered the data, we will transfer the data on to a new media storage device.We will then send your new digital media back to you by courier.
    You get back your lost data!

Emergency Service

  • If you wish, we can arrange for express courier service to make an emergency pick up for your media device.
  • We provide non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week full service until the result is delivered to you.
  • We guarantee the immediate availability of measurement and repair equipment.
  • Emergency service is a service where every minute counts.
    Call for specialist advice: 020 3034 0201.

Stellar Data Recovery

Tel: 020 3034 0201
Fax: 020 3167 0549
E-Mail: info@stellardatarecovery.co.uk
Website: www.stellardatarecovery.co.uk

We are here to help you