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IT Service Providers-Partner Program

If you are an IT services provider and looking for a partner for data recovery services

Please contact us if you are considering to include data recovery services in your offer. Stellar let help you with specialist knowledge about data recovery.

Contact Stellar, if you want to include data recovery services in your offer. Stellar’s expert will provide assistance for data recovery services.

Recognized Data Recovery Service Partner

Stellar has more than 5,000 IT vendors as Authorised Partner Data Recovery Service. These partner/ companies can benefit from our specialist knowledge, our highly accessible laboratory (Tech-Lab), fast service and excellent prices.

For more information about our services program, contact us at 020 3034 0201

Unique Digital Web seal

For existing and new customers can identify our partner services providers via a Unique Digital Seal.

Referring Customer

Stellar believes in providing world-class data recovery services and we aim to make the customer feel more comfortable. We refer customers to our IT partners as per the need and requirement of the customer.

Access to a comprehensive software package

More than 100 Software is available for our Partners to perform standard data recovery operations. As a registered partner, you are entitled to a partner discount while purchasing the Stellar software.

Register as Official Partner

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