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You are an IT service provider and you are looking for a partner for data recovery services

Sign up to include data recovery lab services in your offer. Stellar® helps you with marketing, sales and software solutions.

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Be recognised as a data recovery service partner

Over 5,000 IT suppliers have become Stellar® Authorized Data Recovery Service Partners. These companies benefit from our specialist knowledge, our highly accessible laboratory (TechLab), fast service and excellent prices. Go for the most experienced specialist and sign up too.

You earn excellent commission

Enjoy excellent commission on data recovery assignments. You will receive this commission both directly and indirectly.

Customers recognise you by your digital web seal and door sticker

Clients (and potential clients) can recognize you by your digital seal as an “Approved Data Recovery Service Partner” of Stellar®.

Stellar® provides you with effective and free unlimited marketing and sales materials

You get a discount on the total package of Stellar® software

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar® Software. With the Partner discount code, you enjoy a generous discount on all Stellar® Software such as data recovery software but also database repair, database conversion, etc.

You can help your clients directly with logical data recovery tasks


You can directly help your clients with all logical data recovery jobs which you can easily perform with the approved Stellar® Data Recovery Pro software.

You have lab order form on your own website

You don’t have to send your client anywhere, but can have your client order a data recovery job from the Stellar® Lab through your own website.

Stellar® refers clients to you

Stellar® always refers clients to an IT partner in the client’s area.

Personal Contact Makes Everything Easier


We value personal contact with our partners. Get in touch with your personal contact partner :

Sylvia Haensel
International Partner Manager

+44 (0)20 3034 0201

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