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How to send a file to Stellar®

Please send your file(s) to our laboratory in one of the following ways: Email the access codes of your FTP server to files[at]stellardatarecovery.co.uk Safe and fast: use the Secure File Upload Form:

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Unlock your drive with password

The external hard drive or USB stick you receive from us is encrypted. The password to access your data is: To unlock your data using Windows 10 please follow the instructions in this video: To access your data using MAC please follow the instructions in this video: Keep your password […]

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How to give us access to your computer via TeamViewer

First of all, download TeamViewer. Before sending the code, make sure that ” Full interaction ” is enabled. Normally it is on by default). But to be sure, you can check that it is enabled in the following way. You can check whether “Full interaction” is enabled by the option […]

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My Data

Please, your data are on the data carrier in your package. Your data may be delivered either on a 3.5′ External Hard Drive, a 2.5′ Portable Hard Drive or an USB stick. Click on the item you received to read how to get access to your data.       […]

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How to download your recovered data!

You can download your recovery! We would like to share a few tips to help you prepare for downloading your recovered data. First, we will list all essential items you should have ready and why. Then we briefly explain, how you will receive your data and where to search for […]

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