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How to download your recovered data!

You can download your recovery!

We would like to share a few tips to help you prepare for downloading your recovered data. First, we will list all essential items you should have ready and why. Then we briefly explain, how you will receive your data and where to search for solution in case you need help at a certain step in the process.

Before you start, make sure:

  • to use a stand-alone PC, a desktop or laptop computer;
  • your computer is connected to internet with an ethernet cable, don’t use WiFi network;
  • you have sufficient disk space available on the computer or external storage device;
  • to install a software, which can handle ZIP files.

How will you receive your data?

  1. Your data will be packed into a single file (ZIP format) and encrypted with a secure password;
  2. Our technicians upload the file to Stellar’s Cloud environment;
  3. We send you a weblink via email;
  4. Click on the link to start downloading your recovery file;
  5. The password will be sent to your mobile;
  6. After download has completed, you can enter your password to unpack and access your data. Click here if you get any error message during download!

How to optimize your download process?

Use a stand-alone PC!

Use a stand-alone computer with default OS settings and wired ethernet connection. Several factors may have an affect on your computer’s download speed. We list a few of them. Please check and adjust for better performance:

  • Your computer’s configuration and settings (processor, memory). If your system is a bit older and there are several applications running simultaneously, your browser’s performance can go down. We advise you to check your PCs performance and make sure that you don’t have any background processes running, while downloading data;
  • Your Modem, Router and Network parameters (ISPs network- DSL, cable or fiber, wireless network). The modem gives you access to internet, while the router allows you to connect multiple devices to a common internet connection. Sometimes these devices can cause slow internet speed. If you notice that your download speed is very slow compared to your subscription and/or you have regular internet drop-outs (while your computer and other devices are configured correctly), then you can try to do a quick reset on your modem and router. If the situation doesn’t improve, we advise you to contact your internet service provider. For optimal results (faster and most stable download speed) we advise to connect your Laptop or PC to internet with a cable instead of wireless network;
  • Distance, Congestion and Protocols. Your download speed may be affected by the distance between your computer and the server where your recovered data is stored. To improve this we upload your data to one of our servers closest to your location to reduce distance and avoid congestion along the way. Our data transfer protocol is reliable and safe, but it might have a slightly negative effect on transferring a large data file.

Have sufficient disk space on your computer!

Before you start the downloading process, please check how much free storage space you need to download and unzip your data. For instance, if the size of recovered data is 25 GB and your encrypted file size if 24 GB, we advise to have at least 50 GB free disk space available on your computer.

Ideally downloading a zip file to your PC will always be the fastest, however if you do not have sufficient space to unpack to the same location or to even to download to your PC, we advise you to purchase an external storage device (e.g. USB stick or external hard drive). To achieve optimum transfer speed both your computer as well as the external device should have at least 3.0 USB standard interface type.

Which archiving software should you use?

We recommend to use these free software:

Which browser should you use to download your data?

We advise to use the browser you are most familiar with. If you are not sure how to download a file from the web, each browser has great tutorials available to guide you:

What to do when download fails?

If for some reason you are unable to download the file, there are several support articles available on this topic:

Would you need any assistance? Give us a call and we will help you!

Your Stellar Support Team

Download Time Calculator

Check your download speed here:

We are here to help you