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We at Stellar very well understand how terrible it is when your photos, documents or personal records are lost. Lost data can have grave consequences for both on individuals and businesses, but emotional quotient is always high when you lose personal photos, videos or personal files.

Data recovery from all media devices

You can contact Stellar data recovery services for retrieving your documents and files from all devices such as PCs, laptops, external hard drives, NAS system, SSD, SD cards, Micro SD cards, external memory of your mobile sim cards, internal memory of your smartphone etc.

Stellar has extensive experience in retrieving data from all of these media and in most cases, data returns unharmed.

Physically damaged devices

Data can be recovery from broken devices contrary to what people believe. Be it water damage, fire damage or electrical shock that can damage the device, any data is recoverable provided you visit the data recovery specialist immediately.

Did you know that water is the number one cause of data loss in smartphones?

Economical tariff

You can use the economical data recovery rates of services of Stellar. It saves you hundreds of Pounds/Euro and also gets the best professional treatment.

Stellar data recovery warranty.

Stellar provides complete data guarantee and  If your data is not recovered by our expert you have to pay nothing.

No Cure No Pay

Economical prices

We offer pick-up and drop services. The data is retrieved on a brand new storage media (HDD, Pen drive) all of which is included in the price that we quote.

It is to ensure customer as they know what exactly they are paying.

Our data recovery price includes :

  • Get your data storage media (hard disk, USB stick, SD card, etc.) at your home or your office
  • Diagnosis
  • Data recovery of your data
  • Placing your retrieved data on a new data storage device
  • Drop off the data devices to address specified by you

Stellar : professional data recovery for home and home office users

With more than 35,000 jobs per year and decades of experience, Stellar is a global leader in data recovery. Stellar offers up to 100% data recovery i.e. we provide the highest chances of getting back your data.

Our experience specialists work in professional data recovery labs and receive data recovery request from individuals, SME’s, large corporates alike, for us all the tasks are equally important, and we assure you successful data retrieval.

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We can recover from

Lost Files? We get them back for you!

Most common cases where data recovery is the solution :

  • Hard drive or notebook cases
  • Voltage problems by power failure or lightning strike
  • Short circuits or mechanical problems
  • A corrupt file system
  • viruses
  • Accidentally deleted one or more files.
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