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WD My Cloud Home Data Recovery

If you are looking for an efficient data backup system, WD My Cloud Home is a good choice for you. It is an innovative and easy to use clouds based personal storage device. It allows you to store all kinds of digital data and information in a central location by connecting directly […]

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Explanation: data recovery is not possible because the controller is internally damaged

This example is only for SSDs and flash drives To understand this, first, if you see the below-mentioned picture then it will be more clear. So every SSD has a controller to control the data on NAND chips. Every company makes its own controller. Like in this picture there is […]

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What is RAW data recovery and how to recover data from a Raw Drive?

One of the most common problems that can occur within your computer is the problem with your storage device itself and may prevent you to access your meaningful data. Due to file system corruption, virus/ trojan attack, registry damages and many other, primary hard drive partitions may become RAW and […]

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The Growing Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware — a looming threat to the digital environment. This specific malware allows a phisher to lock data access and blackmail the owner in response to free up their data. The sad point over here is it is untraceable. Considering it, then what’s the remedial solution, how to deal with […]

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How to Recover Data from an Uninitialized Hard Drive?

This Blog post addresses all the issues related to hard drive uninitialized/unknown and tells what should be the best course of action towards a hard drive recovery. The hard drive has changed the dynamics of storage media. With its introduction, we are now able to carry heaps of information and […]

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NAS Failure- How Do You Access The Failed NAS Drive

Network-attached Storage (NAS) is simply a data storage server that is dedicated to file sharing within a computer network. It stores critical data and information and a failure in the data storage may prove hazardous. The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the NAS failure types and some […]

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How To Recover Data From a Dead Hard Drive?

Well, when you use computers (laptops or desktops) running Windows, Linux, OS X, or any other operating system (OS), encountering a situation with a dead hard drive is not new. Since the time computers have come into existence and hence use, their users have been facing such a situation now and […]

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Can logical data recovery software destroy the data on a hard disk drive?

Are logical data recovery attempts always without risk? No, attempts to recover data by using only logical data recovery software tools, the so-called ‘logical data recovery’ is not at all without risk. In this article, you will find explanations and professional guidelines on the dangers of using logical data recovery […]

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How to Recover Data from A Corrupted SD Card?

SD Cards are excellent data storage devices. Commonly used in smartphones and cameras for storing photos, videos, and audios. Their wide acceptance lays in their ability to store a large amount of data in digital format for a considerable length of time. However, they are fragile in composition as they […]

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Do’s and Don’ts

LOST / DELETED or NOT ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR DATA? STAY CALM! IN MOST OF THE DATA LOSS SITUATIONS YOUR DATA IS RECOVERABLE. In a panic situation of data loss, very often we take some wrong steps which may further lead to damage to the data/ data carrier and thus […]

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