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After a brief conversation with information about the procedures you will be connected to a forensic engineer specialist. This will ask you some specific research in order to establish a good research plan before the start of the study.

The following is a preliminary study which are specific procedures to be followed and points to be put apart for conducting the research.

The client will be personally advised of the possibilities and necessities for concrete conducting a proper research and the results expected.

Stellar Forensics ensures that the investigation is carried out so that the conclusions Stellar Forensics connects to the investigation are correct and leave no room for other interpretations.

Stellar Forensics ensures that the descriptions of the findings and conclusions are comprehensive and written in a way that is understandable to a layperson.

Each case will be treated confidentially and all original media, documents and data are carefully preserved in one of our secure vaults.

Our researchers are able to also carry out research into :

  • Industrial espionage
  • E-mail exchanges
  • Information leakage
  • Work Time spent on the Internet
  • Break into network systems, also called hacking.
  • Unauthorized copying files, printing and / or removal and to servers and (mobile) computers

Call us for advice without obligation Forensics: 020 3034 0201 .

We Also Offer Data Recovery Services in Combination With Forensic Research.

Stellar Data Recovery namely the most advanced techniques at home, to recover your data and restore.

Currently, you can get back to us retrieve data from Windows 95/98/2000 / XP / NT / Vista, Mac, Linux, SUN and even complete RAID systems with one or more partitions.

Also, CD / DVD / TAPES / ZIP / HP / DEC / IBM / DAT / DLT / AIT / Unix / Travan / Exabyte and more.

For more information about our Data Recovery Services in the ” Data Recovery ” page.

Stellar forensics research :

  • Prevents writing and modification of data on the media support on which a forensic computer investigation is conducted and guarantee this.
  • Ensures that the evidence will be duplicated completely unchanged.
  • Ensures that the evidence in no way modified or adapted during the duplicate process.
  • Ensures that the disc does not get further damaged or overwritten.
  • Outputs it to the US court certified methods and techniques.

Stellar forensics :

  • Never overrides data on the original drive so there is guaranteed no additional damage occurs.
  • As rapidly as possible a copy of the data so look for other solutions remains possible.
  • Published after thorough analysis the research and does so usually within 5 working days.
  • Delivers your restored files back to an external USB hard disk or, as desired, in a different way.

Prices forensic investigation :

  • The cost for the realization of a full forensic investigation will be around €, –
  • You can ask for emergency service.
  • Our courier picks up your hard drive to free you.

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