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How to give us access to your computer via TeamViewer

First of all, download TeamViewer.

Before sending the code, make sure that ” Full interaction ” is enabled. Normally it is on by default). But to be sure, you can check that it is enabled in the following way.

  • You can check whether “Full interaction” is enabled by the option
    Click on  –>> “Extras” –>> “Options”

  • Then click on –>> “Meeting” –>> select  “Full interaction” — then click on “OK”.

  • Also Check with “Advanced”
    Extras –> Options –> Advanced –> Click on “Show advanced option”

  • Once you clicked “Show advanced options”, you will get below mentioned screen.
    Here select “Full Access ” then click “OK”

  • Then send us the code marked in red in the picture below (“Your ID” and “Password”)

We are here to help you