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Earning money with data recovery in 5 steps

Dear Partner, It's a pleasure to have you as a Partner and to have your company as part of the network of more than 5,000 successful Stellar® Partners in Europe who all follow the 5-step program. You are our Number one priority. We are fully committed to helping you. Content: 

Other Services of Stellar® (Database and file repair, forensic research)

Your Personal Contact with Stellar®

Step 1 - Acquiring Clients

Partner research shows that partners who use Stellar® 's marketing materials attract significantly more data recovery work.

You are entitled to order free and unlimited marketing materials. As an Official Partner you can use the very powerful and free marketing material of Stellar®: the Flyers, the Posters, the Door Sticker and the Animation Video. How to use the material? Place the Flyers on the counter and give them to your customers! Hang up the poster, let the video run and stick the door sticker on the door! The material attracts customers through word-of-mouth advertising. Is it free? Yes, it is absolutely free, and you can order as much as you like. The material has been created and tested together with Partners. It is waiting for you to order and use it. You can order all the material, and the 20% discount code for the software, for free and without limit:

Free promotional material such as Flyers, Posters and Stickers

Digital promotional material for your website

Step 2 - Make sure you have the right tools

A universal docking station and 'Stellar Data Recovery Pro' software is all you need. Order Stellar®Data Recovery Pro for Windows or for Mac here:

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Window
Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

Step 3 - Easily handle elementary logical damage yourself and earn money immediately.

Recover your customer's lost data in your shop or workshop with Stellar Data Recovery Pro software. You charge the customer (as suggested retail price) € 120,- incl. VAT for this service. And you sell your customer a new hard drive to store the recovered data on. Earn € 120,- incl VAT immediately and also sell a hard disk or another storage solution. Professional advice: Be careful with hard drives that are not working properly. Read more about avoiding risks and damage in your workshop here.

Step 4 - Have complex or physical damage handled by the Stellar®-Lab and earn commissions

Have the data recovery performed by Stellar®. If the problem is more complex, or the data carrier does not work 100%, have Stellar® retrieve the data carrier at no charge to you.

Your commissions
You automatically earn 20% commission on the end-user price for data recovery for each successful recovery.

Fixed prices and fixed completion times
Stellar® works with fixed prices and fixed completion times. You do not have to wait for the diagnosis. This is transparent and clear to your client from the moment they sign up.

No Cure-No Pay
No Cure-No Pay applies on the Data Recovery treatment. If 80% or more of the important data as indicated by the client is recovered, we speak of a successful recovery (cure). If less than 80% can be recovered, the client may decide for himself whether he wants to take on the assignment or not. To support the customer in this decision we also offer a TeamViewer session to view the recovered data.

The Flyer
The Flyer shows the prices for Economy service. Order this Flyer and other marketing material for your shop. The prices for Business and Emergency services are also listed below on this page.

How do you register an order?

Through the online registration form you can register new orders (you may also call), and you can follow the updates of your orders online:

You can also place this registration form via html or JavaScript directly on your website. Your customers can then place an order via your own website. Your partner code and company name are automatically included and you will automatically receive your commissions. For more information, see Digital Material

Secure and free pickup of the data carrier by DHL From your shop or workplace

  • on working days before noon, same afternoon pickup free of charge by our safe and professional courier service. After 12 noon registration, pick-up next working day.
  • Your data carrier will arrive in our laboratory in the morning of the next working day. That’s when the diagnosis begins.
  • Emergency orders are delivered to our lab extra early in the morning.

DIAGNOSE : eindgebruikersprijzen en doorlooptijden

Alle datadragers (harde schijf, HDD, SSD, Smartphone, SD Card, RAID tot 2 HDD's)

Economy 1 working day

  • FREE SERVICE (used mostly by private individuals)
  • during this analysis phase, our engineers assess the damage to your data carrier. They identify the cause(s) of the loss of your data and diagnose the treatment required for its recovery.
  • the diagnosis is ready on the next working day after arrival in our lab.

Business 4 hours

  • € 79,- ex vat (most used by companies)
  • the diagnosis is ready within 4 hours after arrival in our lab

Emergency 2 hours

  • € 179,- ex vat
  • The diagnosis is ready within 2 hours after arrival in our lab.

Broken factory seal for hard drives/HDD

If the hard drive has previously been entrusted to another company and the recovery of the data has failed, Stellar®’s help is often requested afterwards. You can tell by the broken factory seal that the hard drive has been opened. Unfortunately, because the hard drive has been opened and manipulated, the data recovery is a lot more difficult for our engineers. Therefore, if the factory seal is broken, we charge an advance payment of € 148.76 excl. VAT (€ 180 incl. VAT) on the data recovery costs. In case of successful recovery, the advance payment will be deducted entirely from the data recovery price.

At the end of the diagnostic procedure, you will receive a diagnostic report by email, explaining the problem with the data carrier (hard disk, sd-card, smartphone, etc.) and what treatment is required to recover the data. You can share this report with your customer.

DATA RECOVERY prices and turnaround times

The report is also accompanied by a price list for data recovery and the various lead times. Please discuss these prices with your customer in advance, so you can agree without having to consult them again. If your customer wants to increase a service level (e.g. upgrade from Economy to Business5 to get the data faster) this is also possible. Once you have confirmed one of the service options, the actual data recovery treatment will be initiated.

Data Recovery Service options

Economy This option is chosen most frequently by private individuals. Our team aims to complete the order in exactly 4 weeks (28 days) after the diagnosis has been completed. Technical factors (e.g. very sensitive cloning work) may very occasionally affect the turnaround time. Business 10 The order will be treated as a Business Case by our team. Our team aims to complete the order in 10 working days after the diagnosis is completed. Technical factors and the cloning time of large data sets may affect the turnaround time. Business 5 This option is most frequently chosen by companies. The order will be treated as a high priority Business Case by our team. Our team aims to complete the order in 5 working days after diagnosis is completed. The order will have high priority and priority over other ongoing work in the lab. However, technical factors and the cloning time of large data sets may affect the turnaround time. Emergency At Emergency Level, our team strives to perform data recovery as quickly as possible and with the utmost urgency. Our team works around the clock and on weekends with the highest priority on your order with the goal of achieving results as quickly as is technically possible.


Fysieke of complexe data recovery

U verdient ex btw:

Fysieke of complexe data recovery

€ 742,98 ex btw (€ 899,- incl btw) voor Economy service € 1.195,- ex btw voor Business 14 € 1.495,- ex btw voor Business 5 € 2.295,- ex btw voor Emergency

€ 148,60 € 239,00 € 299,00 € 495,00

SD-Card, Micro-SD, USB-stick, enz.

€ 371,07 ex btw (€ 449,- incl btw) voor Economy service € 795,- ex btw voor Business 14 € 1.495,- ex btw voor Business 5 € 2.295,- ex btw voor Emergency

€ 74,21 € 159,00 € 299,00 € 495,00

zoals: -leeskopschade -val- en stootschade -motor- of lagerschade -sectorschade -beschadigde chips -complexe firmwareschade -chip-off

  • Stellar® Vaste Prijs Garantie
  • uw commissie is 20% op bovenstaande eindgebruikersprijzen
  • inclusief uw data op nieuwe passende datadrager (deze is bij de prijs inbegrepen en heeft een winkelwaarde van maximaal € 160,-)
  • inclusief veilige versleuteling van de datadrager
  • inclusief zeer gedetailleerde FileList om de kwaliteit van uw bestanden te kunnen verifiëren
  • inclusief alle benodigde donor-onderdelen
  • inclusief de Stellar® class 100 cleanroom behandeling
  • inclusief terugbezorging door DHL koerierdienst
  • inclusief datagarantie
  • No cure - No pay

Elementair logische data recovery

U verdient ex btw:

Alle datadragers zoals:- verwijderde bestanden -verloren partities

Deze voert u natuurlijk zelf uit voor uw klanten met behulp van Stellar® Data Recovery Pro of Premium software

  • u kunt bijvoorbeeld € 120,- incl btw vragen voor een recovery
  • daarnaast kunt u een nieuwe harde schijf verkopen aan uw klant om de recovery op te zetten

afhankelijk wat u rekent, bijvoorbeeld: € 99,17

For RAID with 3 or more HDDs: prices and registration via the following form
Registration for RAID systems with 3 or more HDDs


Voorbeelden van NAS of server(met 12Tb HDD's)

U verdient ex btw:

RAID met 3 HDD's

Business 14 prijs € 3.569

€ 713,80

RAID met 4 HDD's

Business 14 prijs € 4.970

€ 994,00

RAID met 5 HDD's

Business 14 prijs € 5.649

€ 1.129,80
RAID met 6 HDD's

Business 14 prijs € 9,930

€ 1.986,00

RAID met 6 HDD's

Business 14 prijs € 15.779

€ 3.159,80

Return sending of the data

Terugbezorgen van de gerecoverde data naar uw winkel of werkplaats of direct naar de klant

  • op een gratis nieuwe datadrager of in de cloud.
  • datadrager volledig versleuteld met Bitlocker encryptie
  • zelf afhalen bij het centrale lab in Utrecht kan natuurlijk ook.

Als data recovery onverhoopt niet mogelijk blijkt, of als u of uw klant na de diagnose niet door wil gaan met één van de Data Recovery Opties

  • dan kunnen wij de datadrager van de klant gratis en veilig vernietigen*, of
  • als u of uw klant de datadrager terug wil dan brengen wij €29.00 excl. btw in rekening voor de retourzending.
  • * optioneel is een certificaat van veilige vernietiging verkrijgbaar voor € 19,90 ex BTW per datadrager.

Step 5 - Help your customer with advice and support

After the recovery, you help the customer with restoring the data and with the possible installation of new equipment purchased from you. You advise the customer on a good backup plan. There are many possibilities.   What all happens in Stellar's

data recovery lab:

Why do clients choose Stellar Data Recovery...?

  • Certainty: Stellar can provide 100% certainty of the returned data after treatment
  • Certainty: fixed turnaround times known in advance
  • Certainty: fixed prices known in advance (Stellar® Fixed Price Guarantee)
  • Experience: Stellar handles 50,000 data carriers per year with a success rate of 95%.
  • Experience: Stellar has its own Cleanroom Class100/ Dust-free lab
  • Experience: Stellar® software is used by millions of people worldwide
  • Convenience: your data carrier is collected from you free of charge by DHL
  • Convenience: if the data to be secured is less than 60GB, we will send you the data via a secure Cloud link
  • Guarantee: We work on a "no cure, no pay" basis. If recovery is not possible, you pay no Data Recovery costs.
  • Reliable and well-known: over 5,000 IT partners trust Stellar®.
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