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Our service partners have our full trust

Stellar’s Data Recovery Service Partners are professional IT service providers who have been approached by Stellar to become its service partner. The partners have short lines of communication with our data recovery laboratory and are able to provide you with expert and prompt service.

Contact an authorised Stellar data recovery service partner

We advise you to contact one of Stellar’s authorised Data Recovery Service Partners in the event of a data loss or other problems with your computer equipment.

What will the partner do for you?

  • Help you to make a correct pre-diagnosis.
  • Sometimes the problem does not lie with the data carrier (hard disk, SSD, microchip) but has another cause. Sometimes, with special non-intrusive data recovery software, your lost data can be recovered.
  • Helping you make the right decision
  • To recover or not to recover your data? Price indication, other options, etc.
  • If data recovery service is required, advise you and help you with the process.
  • Send your data carrier to the laboratory, liaise with the Stellar technicians, consult with them if necessary, assess the recovery, etc.
  • After recovery, assist you with restoring your data and reinstalling your equipment if necessary.
  • The recovered data is on a new data carrier. You want the data back in your old equipment or in new equipment purchased from the partner.

Advising you on a backup plan

  • A good back-up plan prevents loss of data in the future. There are many options. A Stellar partner can advise you.

Your partner will never open your hard drive, break the factory seal or do anything else that could damage your data carrier or cause further data loss.

is there a partner in your area?

There are more than 5,000 Stellar Service Partners in Europe. Would you like to know if there is an approved partner in your area? We will be happy to let you know!

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