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Frequently Asked Questions

If the client submits an order to Stellar, will I also receive the commission?

Yes, the client provides us with your name or partner code and you will automatically receive the commission. Please put the partner code on the back of the flyer.

Can the customer register an order directly on my website?

Yes, this is possible. You place the order form on your website and the customer can register an order with us directly. And you will automatically be notified and receive the commission.

How do I order sales material and software?

Yes, you can. At www.stellardatarecovery.co.uk/order you can order Flyers, Posters, Software and other point of sales material. Much of this material is free for partners.

Do you have digital promotional material available?

Yes, we do. At Materials for Your Website you will find all the digital materials and tips on how to get more clients for data recovery such as a digital Stellar web seal, the order form for your website, tips for texts on the website and many other tips.

Which data recovery software do you recommend?

Stellar Data Recovery Pro. You can order it from www.stellardatarecovery.co.uk/order

Can I solve all data recovery problems with software?

No, not all. Only problems with normally functioning data carriers. Physical damage, bad sectors or complex damage must be dealt with in Stellar’s laboratory. Sometimes there are risks associated with the use of software. Read all about it at Logical-data-recovery-risks

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