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Stellar® Data Recovery Helps!.

The following ideas and tips will help you get many more new customers and convince your current customers of your expertise and craftsmanship.

Digital Web Seal

Stellar® Data Recovery has designed a digital web seal with an automatic year mark for Accredited Partners.

Once you place the code below (you can test code here W3school html-test)

<a href= "https://www.stellardatarecovery.co.uk/authorised-data-recovery-service-partner.htm" target="_blank"> <img src="https://www.stellardatarecovery.co.uk/gfx/Authorised-Partner-Stellar-Data-Recovery.png" alt="Authorised Partner of Stellar Data Recovery!" /> </a>

you will immediately receive the unique Stellar® seal with automatic year mark on your website :

Authorised Partner of Stellar Data Recovery!

Now: Registration form on your own website

This is the BEST opportunity to let your customers register their data recovery directly on your own website. You will automatically receive your commission without having to do anything, and you will keep your customer on your own website.

Once you place the code below

<p><iframe frameborder="0" style="height: 1500px; width: 99%; border: none;" src='https://forms.zohopublic.eu/ahogye/form/testDiagnosisUKEnglish1/formperma/rJBtn0q1FHyNhqIiVAY3kHrR01XZCtbRU74Iwv-THag?ML=UK/English &con1=United Kingdom &con2=United Kingdom &con2=United Kingdom &pa=true &pc=PARTNERCODE &pn=COMPANY NAME'> </iframe></p>

have your own application form on your website

1. replace PARTNERCODE with your partner code and CompanyName with your company name
2. Also available in java code.
3. Please do not test this form, it is a working form

Retain customers: create a clear and unique page about data recovery on your website

Write a clear and unique text for your website. After all, with a clear text you will be better found when people search for data recovery. For example:


Partner video animation

You can place this Partner Video on your website, but you can also play it in your shop.

Bonus: Our partners are always number 1 to us!

As a partner, you are part of the Stellar® Data Recovery partner network. We refer to your company. More customers, more sales.

Personal Contact Makes Everything Easier


We value personal contact with our partners. Get in touch with your personal contact partner :

Sylvia Haensel
International Partner Manager

+44 (0)20 3034 0201

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