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Data recovery blog posts by technicians with over 23+years combined data recovery services from Hard Drive, NAS Servers, RAID servers, Mobile, SD cards and much more. Here we present information about Data recovery services and news updates in the field of data recovery.

How To Access Hard Drive Failure?

The market is numerous free software tools available to fix hard drive failure; however, these software’s are useful only to some extent. There is a risk associated with the hard drive data recovery if you don’t know what you’re doing and may end up with a severe hard drive failure.  […]

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Handy Tips to Protect Your Electronic Devices at the Beach

Beach holidays are all about soaking up some sun, being safe and having fun, right? The weather was perfect and many of us are back from our annual vacations. Now that vacations are over we are updating our Social Media accounts with pictures from our memorable vacation. It’s more tempting […]

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DIY Photo Recovery – Recover Deleted Photos From Phones & HDD

When you delete photos that don’t mean they are gone forever. You still stand a chance to recover photos as they exist on the device. With that purpose, this Blog explains how you can recover deleted photos. Photos Keep Memories Alive Photos are better at communicating a story and convey […]

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How to Fix “Hard Drive Error – Partition is Not Accessible. Access is denied”

When you try to access your hard drive, and an error message pops up stating that “Access is denied” then what is your likely course of action? Most people have no idea how to deal with such hard drive error and end up either losing all their valuable data, and […]

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NAS Recovery Services in the United Kingdom

This blog highlights the NAS recovery services offered by Stellar Data Recovery in the UK. Network Attached Storage or NAS as is popularly known, are data storage devices that you can connect to, wirelessly, and access data across the network using web browsers. NAS servers are especially used in SMBs […]

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Are You Ready For World Back Up Day?

This blog states all that you need to know about data backup, the statistics of data loss across all platforms. The benefits of taking a backup of data this World Data Backup Day 2017. With the world moving forward towards storing all data in digital storage devices, instances of data […]

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Doxware – A New Ransomware Menace on Rise

This blog highlights the latest Doxware ransomware that demands ransom from people in exchange for keeping their data private & confidential. Go through it to have a detailed know-how of it and also learn the methods to handle of ransomware removal. Before we look into the details ways to tackle […]

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Data Breaches – A Complex & Pervasive Threat to Online Security

This blog highlights some of the most precarious cyber security data breaches and ransomware attacks that the year 2016 witnessed. It also educates you about the way to combat and minimise the effects of cyber-attacks. Further, it suggests options for ransomware removal service and online safety. A data breach is […]

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Hard Drive Recovery Service Provider in UK

This blog guides you on how you can obtain an external hard drive recovery service from a safe and reliable source that meets the criteria and on which you can trust. It also highlights the causes and prevention of data loss from external hard drives. If you find yourself in […]

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EU Asks Businesses To Get Cracking On Data Erasure Policy

The scandal that Edward Snowden brought in May 2013 by leaking the confidential documents to the journalist named Glenn Greenwald made it necessary for the European Union (EU) to make Erasure Data from the data storage devices mandatory for all companies. This was to increase the minimum security expectations for […]

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