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SSD Recovery

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In this era of advanced technology, every passing day registers a new invention and flash based Solid State Drive (SSD) is one of its many reflections. It is interesting to know that our high end laptops, palmtops / tablets, i-pods, USB thumb drives, memory cards in camcorders, cameras and mobiles contain SSDs.


Solid State Drives are more efficient in terms of power consumption, memory management & security, compare to mechanical hard drive; however due to its in-build technology, it is prone to more complex situations of data loss. So, SSD failure has ample reasons to worry and one need professional Solid State Drive recovery solutions to get data back.


With Stellar your data is never lost.


Stellar Data Recovery B.V. has come up with advanced SSD recovery techniques that can recover all your data from any instance of SSD failure.


Some of the reasons behind data loss from SSD:


  • Spilling over of any liquid
  • Virus attack
  • Circuit failure
  • Damage to some parts of the memory
  • Corrupted/damaged controller chip
  • Corrupted encryption file


As a user, you will not be able to know the cause of SSD failure; you will only see your SSD either working fine or not working. SSD being a relatively new technology, many data recovery company categorize data loss due to SSD failure as non recoverable. At Stellar, with its in-house research & development, adapting to new technologies is a continuous process. Stellar Solid state drive recovery can assure you up-to 100 % data recovery from any data loss situations in SSD.


With the years of experience in data recovery field, Stellar has all the required advanced tools, skilled data recovery professionals, and state of the art infrastructure to efficiently recover your data from any make/model/brand of SSD.


Stellar supports SSD recovery from the following brands:


  • SanDisk
  • Samsung
  • G. SKILL
  • Patriot
  • Corsair
  • Intel
  • OCZ
  • Kingston and more.


How your SSD works and why it's difficult to recover:


Inside your SSD, data is stored in more than one memory location with a unique distribution pattern and this information about the pattern lies with the controller. Again, in some SSD devices, there is a secret encryption algorithm that encrypts each piece of data before storing. And to everyone's dismay, this encryption algorithm is even unknown to the user. With different wear-leveling and other types of performance-boosting algorithms, each SSD becomes unique. Once, the controller chip goes bad, it is very difficult to get the data distribution pattern as there is another obstacle in the name of encryption algorithm. Hence, it is always more difficult to recover data from a 128 MB solid state drive than a 300 GB hard drive.


Stellar has its own proprietary tools and techniques for SSD data recovery backed by in house Research & development team along with hardware/ software engineers. As each piece of SSD is unique of its kind, we have closely observed and analyzed the technology behind several SSD devices and our SSD recovery techniques are quite capable of retrieving your inaccessible data.


Stellar follows the most scientific methods to ensure maximum possible recovery:




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