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Encrypted USB-stick

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clone done without errors
recovery successful

Corsair PADLOCK 3 Data Recovery

  • This case is about a Padlock 3 USB-stick which has an encryption feature:

Padlock 3 data recovery case Stellar Data Recovery

  • It has a password to store protected data:

Padlock3 with password protection

  • We have received this case with a broken usb Stick.
  • Normally , with this type of cases we do chip-off.
  • But with data was hardware encrypted with password, so we could have done that and chances of recovery were almost not possible (we will keep spare for our future research for chip-off option also, but we couldn’t take that risk with original).

Padlock3 manual full encryption feature

  • So there was only an option to repair the broken PCB and its small tracks. But it was time consuming and needed time to analyze the tracks, as removing the glue was also difficult, because it could have damaged the component inside.
  • Please see the below mentioned picture of our spare:
Spare part for Corsair Padlock3 data recovery

click on pictures to zoom!

  • So, we put this case on R&D instead of chip-off and/or recovery not possible.
  • We have made thin wired tracks manually on the PCB and tried to repair. With many attempts  we could get access in the data area. ( diameter of the wires and tracks was similar to human hair and was under the glue) Have to give support with cardboard to make it stable and to access the password keyboard from the other side.

  • Clone done without error.
  • Recovery done.

Author: Dinesh Kumawat

Dinesh Kumawat has been Data Recovery Lab Manager of Stellar® Data Recovery Europe since 2011. As manager of the data recovery laboratory, Dinesh is responsible for the management and investigation of recovery cases, research and development of new technical solutions and leading the technical team in the Netherlands. Dinesh studied Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Arya College of Engineering and IT in Jaipur, India, and completed his MBA at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.

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