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Data Recovery Services

Data Loss is a grave concern. With increasing amount of data and our growing dependence on computers for storing all data. Be it individual, big companies or small enterprises all have data need and are generating & creating data every minute.

Data loss is inevitable at the time, and you should approach professional data recovery services provides to regain lost data.

In the mid-1990s the data recovery- industry developed and only a few companies had specialised in this field. As of now, data recovery services are organised business, and we have thousands of companies worldwide who boast of their expertise in data recovery.

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In a case of data loss, clients often ask: How can I as a customer identify the right data recovery service provider?

Main Characteristic Of A Professional Data Recovery Service Provider

  • Trained and qualified data recovery experts
  • Professional data recovery tools and Labs (Class 100 Clean Room)
  • Stock of Hard disk spare parts(at least-1000)
  • Can professionally replace chips.
  • Should have one trained micro-electronics engineer.
  • Can restore the firmware (from a hard disk operating system).
  • Has file system specialists to recover all major file systems (FAT, NTFS Ext …, Reiser FS, Reiser4, HFS +, Open BFS, XFS, UFS, AIX, etc.).
  • Has enough storage capacity for even large RAID systems to handle multiple TB.
  • Customer-friendly online operation and tracking system

You can find all these criteria’s matching Stellar Data Recovery

The most significant problem in any data recovery is the diversity of the media. The hard drive has the same function, but the make of Hard drive of different brands slightly differ.

Demand for robust storage media is growing; are we witnessing more sophisticated media devices in the market.  These storage devices now are laced with better storage capacity, are more resilient and technologically superior.

Professional Data Recovery Services

A professional & established data recovery company needs effective & efficient research & development team to handle new storage devices.

Stellar data recovery established in 1993, distinguishes itself in the data recovery service industry especially through safely & innovative technologies. You can be sure that our Data – Recovery – experts will do everything in their power to save your precious data.

Get in touch with our specialist for information about data recovery services.

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