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In our European Data Recovery Lab, we recover data from thousands of different storage media.  Several of our specialists work on data recovery for as many customers per year.Worldwide.

We handle more than 35,000 cases ranging from the restoration of data from large and highly complex storage systems to retrieve family photos of a faulty external hard drive.

Features of Stellar data recovery lab :

  1. We have a state of the art ISO certified (Class 100) cleanroom where our specialists night and day for you ready to get in action.
  2. We reconstruct data from, among others, computer hard drives, laptop hard drives as well as advanced RAID systems, Macintosh, Linux (server), Solid State Disks, chips in smartphones, USB sticks, and other data carriers. And that in the most optimal conditions.
  3. We want to ensure that only can go wrong with your valuable data, why to take any chances.
  4. Each specialist has his own field.
  5. Each task is a unique combination of hardware, software, file system and operating system. Therefore, the various specialists work together to secure your data quickly and reliably safe.
Stellar Data Recovery Lab

We recover data that other companies consider to be lost forever!

Banks, healthcare, oil companies, government departments choose as their data is important only for our specialists.

With over 25 years of experience in data recovery services, our specialist has seen numerous cases. We have handled tough or simple data recovery cases.  We handle all the data recovery cases with utmost care.

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