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Packing and Shipping Instruction

The following shipping tips are applicable for all types of digital media devices.

  • Make sure the media device is wrapped tight. You can use a non-movable foam cushioning to protect the media device from and physical damage during shipping.
  • Pack the media device by putting it into an Anti-Static Bag.
  • Place the media device in a box with a buffer material.
  • Please mention your name, address and list(information of the components in the packed box)
  • Fill the gap with a resilient material, such as foam blocks or several layers of bubble film, but be careful with static packing material like Styrofoam.
  • Please make sure the package is labelled as FRAGILE



  • During the online ordering process; if you have chosen to ‘pick up’ the courier package will come and collect the media device
  • Immediately after the online registration/registration, you will receive a unique “job number”.
  • Please also write this job number, along with your name and address as the sender marked on the package.Shipping Instructions -Stellar Data Recovery

For questions, please contact with one of our consultants.

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