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Are You Ready For World Back Up Day?

This blog states all that you need to know about data backup, the statistics of data loss across all platforms. The benefits of taking a backup of data this World Data Backup Day 2017.

With the world moving forward towards storing all data in digital storage devices, instances of data loss due to accidental deletion, formatting, natural disasters, or any hardware and software corruption issue has increased considerably. The factors responsible for data loss are as follows:

  • Hardware Corruption Issue – 44%
  • Mishandling – 32%
  • Software Corruption Issue – 14%
  • Virus Attack or Attack by Other Malicious Code – 7%
  • Natural Disaster- 3%

What If Data is Lost?

Although no one wishes to be in data loss situation yet, you can face this situation at some time. When this happens, data being one of the significant assets for you or your organisation, its recovery becomes imperative. However, a much better way to keep your data protected is to create a backup of all your data. The question then arises as to what a backup is. Let’s delve into it.

What is a Data Backup?

A backup is another copy of all your data stored in a safe and secure manner. Here, you can keep the copy of your data at any other place other than your computer.

What Should Be The Frequency of Creating Backup?

It is also important to check how frequent are you backup your data. Regular backup of data is a must as data loss is unpredictable. Data loss can occur at any time even when least expected. The main emphasis of World Backup day is to ask people to go for regular back up.

World Data Backup Day - Stellar Data Recovery

 A Brief on World Data Backup Day

The World Data Back-up Day that is celebrated every year on March 31 helps raise awareness among people to regularly back up their data. This, in turn, will ensure full-proof safety and security of your data. It started six years ago in the year 2011, 2017 is the sixth year of World Data Backup Day. This day as the Reddit users proclaimed to remind everyone to back up their data or else face data loss. However, approximately 40,000 cases of data loss are reported each year across the globe. Thus, by continuing to celebrate this day, the objective is to promote creating a regular backup habit.

About World Data Backup Day

World Data Back-up Day initially was sponsored by companies selling backup products like HDD. Now, this day is not only about selling products & services but more educating users to have data back up plans.

Although it is not a widely anticipated day, nonetheless, it is an important day in which users all across the globe including in the UK are encouraged to backup data on a regular basis. It is a day to focus on creating awareness of having a backup and prevent situations of data loss. If they don’t, or for those who do – to have a better method or strategy for the same.

The Statistics on Data Loss & Backup

31% of IT professionals believe that hardware or system failure cause incidents of data loss in the business environment. 29% believe that data loss is due to human error, whereas another 29% believe that malicious code such as a virus, malware, or ransomware, etc. leads to loss of data.39 % IT professionals believe the laptop is most affected devices & are more likely to fail. 26% said the servers are the worst hit, while the remaining 26% fell under desktops

Only 4% IT professionals talked about failure and data loss in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Still, most believe that discussions on data loss and backup are unnecessary as they rarely occur. The companies believe data loss situation will never occur and do not prefer to backup their critical data. But the recent statistics as shown below by several organisations on data loss and backup will make people rethink –

  1. According to ESG Research, BC/DR Survey Final Results, Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015, 35% of servers have 15 minutes or less of downtime tolerance.
  2. The data presented by The University of Texas suggests companies that suffer data loss, 51% close within 2 years whereas 43% never reopen.
  3. Boston Computing Network and Data Loss Statistics suggests, 30% of all businesses that suffer from major fire, lose their business within a year while 70% fail within five years.
  4. According to National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, 93% of companies that suffered the loss of data centre for 10 days or more, became bankrupt within one year of the disaster.
  5. According to Enterprise & Cost of downtime an independent Oracle User Group, human errors are responsible for 58% downtime incidents.Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. account only for 10% of downtime incidents.
From the above statistics, one can easily figure out as to how important it is to backup data.

Here are several tips that to keep your data safe and secure on this World Data Backup Day.

  1. Take Online Backup – The simplest way to keep your data protected is to make an online backup. You or your organisation can save data to the cloud by using applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive etc. In doing so, you can back up all your significant and critical data.

 Advantages of an Online Backup

  • Continuous backing up
  • Comes with unlimited plans
  • Full proof, safe, and secure
  • Offers access anytime, anywhere 
  1. Backup in Data Storage Media Devices – Another way to create a backup of your data is to store data in data storage devices. You or your organisation can create a backup in several data storage devices such as HDD’s, external SSDs, USBs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray Discs, etc. 
Advantages of Offline Backup

  • No extra or hidden cost
  • Ensures quick storage and access
  • Provides full control of the process
 What If You Do Not Backup Your Data?

Have you ever imagined a situation wherein you did not backup your data regularly or if it has become damaged? Does such a situation signify that you have lost your data forever? On the contrary, No. Because the data exists on the drive unless overwritten. Therefore, data recovery is possible. Further, there exist alternative solutions to tackle data loss situations. Here, data recovery service by professionals can address data loss situations due to hardware or software failure in storage devices.

 The Solution Ahead – Data Recovery Service by Stellar Data Recovery

Established in the year 1993, Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best and reliable data recovery service providers for individuals as well as Enterprises. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that caters to all data recovery requirements across the globe. It offers complete, guaranteed, and proven data recovery service especially for recovering data from physically failed media devices. Next, it offers several other features such as:

  • Class 100 Clean Room Recovery Lab
  • Offers Data Privacy
  • No Recovery, No Charge policy
  • Doorstep media pickup service
  • Uses Industry-best Data Encryption techniques

Last but not the least, on this World Data Backup Day, let’s resolve to back up our data regularly & free ourselves from the repercussions of a data loss.   

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