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Business mobile users often careless with data stored on the phone

London- UK,08 December 2011: Casual negligence and carelessness are currently the order of the day with GSM business users. It appears that business callers are not afraid of losing valuable company data which are stored on the phone or SIM card. “I will make a back-up next week.” It is logical for the business mobile user to be more focused on his/her core business and less focused on the security of the GSM. It is understandable but is it wise? Kees Jan Meerman from Stellar Data Recovery gives a brief explanation: “We always see the same pattern. The business user cannot envisage any danger or does not regard it as important until something goes wrong.” Stellar Data Recovery, a specialist in the retrieval of lost files, states that every company ought to have a clear back-up policy. However it appears that, strange as it may seem, even large companies are still failing to grasp the importance of it.

Why does it have to go wrong first?

The key question each time is: “Why does it have to go wrong before the seriousness of the matter is appreciated?” It seems as if the current business owners or managers do not have the knowledge required or that they regard making a back-up as time consuming and thus too expensive. But once important company data have actually been lost – and it really is too late – the problem will be even more costly. Kees Jan Meerman from Stellar Data Recovery continues: “Making back-ups is actually the most simple form of cost saving. The current generation of smartphones contain huge amounts of data. It is easy to retrieve or access a telephone number which has been lost. That is not the issue. The problem is much greater than this as company data such as Word and Excel files, e-mail communications, voicemail messages, text messages or secret telephone numbers which are stored in the internal memory or on the SIM card can be lost with no mercy being shown.”

How can this careless behaviour be prevented?

Stellar Data Recovery believes the solution lies in instructions from the top. Directors and managers will have to play a much more prominent role in providing guidance to departments and their employees. The desired guidance can be provided with the assistance of IT auditors who are well-versed in all the technical possibilities of regular back-up. The security measures can thus be implemented in a straightforward way. This will show every employee within every organisation that secure handling of data stored on telephones and SIM cards is a matter of considerable importance.

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