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What Makes Stellar So Successful?

Happy Client: Stellar Data Recovery UK

  1. Extremely High Success Rate

Stellar has an extremely high success rate (95%) and short turnaround times by all business processes to monitor digital consistently and optimise it continuously.

  1. Short Delivery Times

We at Stellar Data Recovery understand better than anyone how critical the data is for the client and goes to great lengths to deliver the lost data within the shortest possible time back to the customer.

  1. Free SMS Service

Our clients  are informed 24 × 7 of the latest status through free SMS messages in case client is travelling or temporarily has no access to the internet.

  1. Service and Quality Assurance

We are in regular touch with our customer and inform the customers via email or telephone all the relevant details regarding their media.  

  1. Online Access & Control Over Your Valuable Data

Through all the processes to monitor digital, we can provide customers online insight into the process and each client can itself 24 × 7 to the smallest detail continue to monitor the latest status without even once having to hold the phone.

  1. Top Performance 

Stellar understands that only an absolute top performance will satisfy the customer in times of high stress and problems in data loss.

  1. Online Invoicing & Online Payment

We offer online billing and payments so that if the client is running multiple jobs may be offered an overview of the administration.

  1. Competitive Rates, Low Cost

Our motive at Stellar Data Recovery is to save money through its efficient work and digital controls (ZEN) and can therefore quickly provide even the most arduous task at very low prices without compromising on quality and specialisation.

  1. Limited Budget, No Problem

Stellar Data Recovery can help clients quickly with his or her problem and is aware that many clients have a limited budget available for such unexpected events.

  1. Motivated Team Of Specialists
Stellar is aware of the fact that only Top quality Service and Consistency and Speed will lead to customer satisfaction. To achieve this, our team of experts are available 24*7, 365 days a year to ensure safe and speedy data recovery.

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