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Data Breaches – A Complex & Pervasive Threat to Online Security

This blog highlights some of the most precarious cyber security data breaches and ransomware attacks that the year 2016 witnessed. It also educates you about the way to combat and minimise the effects of cyber-attacks. Further, it suggests options for ransomware removal service and online safety.

A data breach is a break in your data storage systems in which your sensitive and protected data gets viewed, copied, stolen, transmitted, or misused by unauthorised users who are chiefly the cyber criminals. With the advent of technology wherein mostly individuals and enterprises store data on digital storage devices, data breach through cyber-attacks and ransomware attack that compromise data security have become increasingly prevalent. It affects almost every industry and consumer. In fact, this is a practice by the cyber criminals that has become a trend and is rising considerably. The year 2016 that ended just a few weeks ago saw a rise in data breach cases.

Although seen every year, the previous year was by far the worst in this sense and hence can be tagged as The Year of Data Breaches. The reason being, 2016 observed the maximum number of data breaches across the world. It started occurring right from the beginning, and the number continued to increase without fall. It was rampant and sustained throughout the year. The count climbed quite high with the biggest breach hitting Yahoo Inc. in two incidents wherein over 1.5 billion records got compromised.

The data breach was experienced the last year globally, thereby, affecting all countries including the United Kingdom. In fact, the country experienced the greatest number of data breaches and ransomware attack. As evidence, we present to you the most critical cases of data breach and ransomware attack that occurred the past year across the globe mainly in the UK.

Data Breaches in UK - Stellar Data Recovery

Top Data Breaches in 2016

We are summarising the world’s worst data breaches and ransomware attack of 2016. The United Kingdom also had some of the major data breaches of the year 2016. All of this will make you realise how dangerous data breaches are. The extent of which private & confidential information get affected.

  • LinkedIn Data Breach

    2016 say LinkedIn Data Breach, earlier a report claimed the leaks occurred in the year 2016.What had happened was that email and password combinations of 117 million LinkedIn accounts were dumped online. It posed a huge data security threat to the personal and professional data of its account holders.

  • Philippines’ Commission breach

    A data breach impacted the database of the Philippines’ Commission on Elections (COMELEC). It compromised the information of 55 million registered voters of the country, which was a huge setback to the country’s security. In fact, the information and security of the country’s entire population were at stake.

  • Data Breach in Three Mobile

    Three Mobile, one of the Britain’s largest mobile operators, had a major data breach in the month of November. Though the data that got stolen did not contain any financial information, it had customers’ personal details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, etc. putting millions of Three Mobile clients in a dangerous situation.

  • Data Breach in Tesco Bank

    The consumer finance wing of the British supermarket giant, Tesco Bank, experienced one of the major data breaches in November. Money was stolen online from accounts of about 20,000 of its customers, and approximately 40,000 accounts were compromised in total. Although the cyber-attack was not described in detail yet, the bank suffered massive losses.

  • Wendy’s Credit Card Breach

    The international fast-food chain, hit by malware that impacted more than 1,025 of its location in the US. The credit card details of the customers were stolen. This issue that the company faced is still under investigation by the country’s police and several research agencies.

  • Sage Data BreachAn Accounting and HR software FTSE-100 firm-Sage

    suffered data breach wherein it faced unauthorised access to information of approximately 280 UK customers’. And, all the unapproved access was done with the use of an internal login. With this, the employee data of such a large number of customers were at huge risk.
  • Kiddicare Data Breach

    Kiddicare got attacked by malicious code wherein the personal information of the customers of about 794,000 customers was stolen. With this information in spiteful hands, such a situation was quite hazardous to clients’ security.

  • Hold Security’s, Data Breach

    The Security Consulting firm faced instance of a data breach leading to 272.3 million email accounts of its user stolen. Further, it was sold by the criminal’s underworld group in Russia. The security breach contained various accounts such as 57 million Mail.ru, Microsoft, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts. Hence, it’s referred to as multiple email credentials breach.

  • French Police security breach

    Here, the confidential details of French police officers got revealed to the public. An alleged disgruntled former employee uploaded a file that contained the contact details of the officers onto the Google Drive. This was an act of revenge by the former employee. This posed a serious threat to the security of 1,12,000 French police officers.

  • Japanese(JTB) travel agency data leak

    In the JTB cyber-breach, the personal details of its 7.93 million users were put at risk. Revealing customer details like customers’ name, address, passport numbers, etc.

  • Verizon breach

    An enterprise security dealer, Verizon Enterprise Also, an enterprise security dealer, also saw the cyber attack. It led to the theft of the personal details of its 1.5 million customers.

Data Breaches & Ransomware Attack Aftermaths

Several data breaches and ransomware attack that happened in the year 2016 were extensive as it affected almost every industry and consumers who used digital devices or cloud to store all their valued data. Victimising individuals as well as all types of industry and numbing consumers in its way, the rampant data breaches and ransomware that occurred and affected such a large number of users, were considered severe.

Data breach incidents are common occurrences and impacting all. One needs to know how to protect the data as well as keep it safe & secure.  However, lamenting is not the solution for combating the aftermaths of data breaches and ransomware attack. You should go for a proper resolution that can assist you in removing ransomware, preventing and minimising the effects of a data breach, and ransomware attack.

Data Breach & Ransomware Counteract Solution

Since the Cyber-attacks cost hundreds of billions of dollars every year to the IT industries. As discussed above, it also affects individuals. In 2016 also, such cyber-attacks were exceedingly high in the count. For counteracting the dangerous effects of such cyber-attacks, you should always go for a solution that possesses the ability to remove the ransomware and bring back your stolen data.

The Way Forward

Many service providers have the expertise to handle such situations. Here, the suggestion is that you should go forward with Ransomware Removal Services of Stellar Data Recovery UK as it offers some advantages. The professionals there are in fact experts who use efficient and result-oriented tools and techniques to ensure that endpoints are secure, thus, combating and minimising the cyber-attack effects.

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