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Doxware – A New Ransomware Menace on Rise

This blog highlights the latest Doxware ransomware that demands ransom from people in exchange for keeping their data private & confidential. Go through it to have a detailed know-how of it and also learn the methods to handle of ransomware removal.

Before we look into the details ways to tackle the Doxware ransomware threat, let’s have an in-depth knowledge about it.

About Doxware Ransomware

Doxware, also known as extortion-ware, is a new type of ransomware that has emerged in the recent past as a significant threat to data privacy which may spell trouble for all, individuals as well as enterprises. Its concept has been around for quite some time. However, the recent ransomware attack that threatens to expose or make ‘dox’ victims’ private or confidential information public by publishing online, such as the ‘Epic’ Crypt. Locker ransomware variant has highlighted the threat. It threatens to make your personal & confidential data public rather than permanently deleting the data beyond recovery.

Doxware ransomware is a type of extortion-ware malicious code that encrypts victims’ data and holds it. The Virus threatens to expose all sensitive information online if the amount is not available.Doxware Ransomware - Stellar Data Recovery UK





Both Doxware and extortion-ware ransomware are same, i.e. they are the variants of malware that combine the data hostage threat of ransomware with the added risk of exposing information/data publicly. Instead of keeping it encrypted for an indefinite period if the ransom is not paid. Leaking of data is a major difference between Doxware & extortion-ware ransomware. In sense, it is a bit more targeted to specific individuals and enterprises. Beyond that, both are fundamentally and mechanically the same. Therefore, in the eyes of several IT experts, the two terms can be used interchangeably.

The Threat from Extortion-Ware

In contrast, Doxware attacks may demand higher ransoms, which is because unlike extortion-ware, where victims are threatened with data release. Here the attackers target individuals and enterprises with sensitive data and increase the ransom for those victims with highly confidential data. Also, Doxware is more likely to have a greater impact on mobile devices if any attacker gets data on users’ smartphones.

Next, for the security teams of enterprises, the threat of Doxware ransomware could complicate and make matters worse. The reason being, it denies backup and recovery services – one of the best defences for ransomware attacks. Also, the recent breaches & exposures of private emails and documents, like the phishing attack on Hillary Clinton’s campaign showcase data becoming public online.

Ransoc – A Type of Doxware Ransomware

Ransoc is one of the first Doxware ransomware variants. It informs the victims that their system contains materials violating intellectual property rights and have to pay penalty. The malware informs the victim that they will be subject to law unless they pay the asked for ransom amount.

Ransoc also runs several routines that interact with chats applications such as Skype, and social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The virus gathers text & multimedia data it finds on that profile & threatens to make information public is not payment is done.

Ransomware Removal – How to Combat the Effects of Doxware Ransomware

The section below highlights some ways to combat Doxware

  • Early Detection & Alleviation

    The usual alleviation for ransomware by creating backups is irrelevant in the case of the Doxware ransomware attack. The reason being, it does not threaten to delete the data but makes your private & confidential data released online. Here, early detection & alleviation is important if the attacker has the actual data and intends to go public.

  • Better Data Encryption

    You should always keep your personal  & confidential data encrypted with strong encryption algorithms. This is extremely necessary to safeguard your files and defend against attack by all ransomware, especially Doxware.

  • Phishing Defences

    You should always follow guidelines to prevent phishing attack on your system. As phishing emails target system to steal your data. For instance, you should not click any suspicious link or open attachments from emails sent by strangers. With this, you can avoid the intrusion of Doxware and keep your sensitive data safe and sound.

  • Keep Your Antivirus Updated

    You should always maintain the antivirus installed on your system and keep it up-to-date. The Antivirus has to be powerful enough to tackle advance threats.
    This is to ensure maximum and full proof security against all ransomware and extortion-ware including Doxware.

  • Go For Ransomware Removal/ Recovery Service

    The last option is to go for data recovery service. In addition to other preventive measures explained above i.e. early detection and removal, better & quality data encryption, defence from phishing emails, and keeping your antivirus & other security software updated to the latest versions. However, this method is suitable for combating effects of ransomware other than Doxware. This is because this ransomware is all about making your data public and not destroying or erasing it.


Now you are aware of the Doxware ransomware threat, implement the above suggestions to keep yourself safe. As the ransomware doxware evolves, it can target a wider range of online devices. Hence, it’s crucial for companies, private users to make online security a priority.

However, if you wish to seek ransomware removal service to counter any ransomware or extortionware, then Stellar Data Recovery Service would be ideal. World renowned name in the field of Ransomware Removal, Data Recovery, Data Migration, and Data Erasure for over 23 years.

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