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Choosing a Data Recovery Company

Data recovery is a technical process to access your inaccessible/ lost/ deleted data. It requires technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of data storage mechanism in various data carriers, software/ hardware tools, state of the art infrastructure and above all, years of experience in data recovery field.

While selecting a data recovery company, you should check few things to be sure that your data will not be jeopardize.

Remember, the first attempt always carry highest chances of recovery.

What to Ensure From Data Recovery Company

Expert and experienced Team of data recovery professionals:

Recovering data from different storage devises needs in-depth knowledge of storage devices, data storage mechanism and problem arises thereof. Expertise in technology and experience in dealing with different problems is the key to deliver maximum results.

Data Recovery Company you select must have expert & experienced team of data recovery professionals.

Research & Development:

We witness technology advancements every day. Adapting to new and upcoming technologies and gaining expertise in the field requires in-house research & development. Until & unless a company has research team working continuously to learn new techniques and develop the required tools, quality gets compromised.

Data Recovery Company with in-house research & development gets definite edge over others.

Advanced hardware/ software tools:

Some complex cases of data recovery such as Raid data recovery, Server recovery, Database Recovery always demand latest hardware/ software tools & techniques to repair and recover your data safely. Thorough analysis of the problem and developing customized tools & techniques plays important role in delivering best recovery results in minimum turnaround time.

If a data recovery company doesn’t have indigenous tools, it will not be able to resolve complex cases wherein customization in techniques is must.

Always check, the data recovery company you select has indigenous tools & techniques and in-house research & development.

ISO certified CLASS 100 Clean Room:

A CLASS 100 Clean Room is a controlled environment with less than 100 dust particles (size less than 0.5 microns) per cubic foot of air, in comparison to some thousands of malicious particles present in normal office environment. Dust particles of bigger size may come within the head and the platter of the disk resulting in scratches on the magnetic platter and permanent data loss. If your media is physically damaged, ensure that the company you choose must have CLASS 100 Clean Room labs to repair your media and recover data.

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Ample inventory of hard disks:

Every other day, you witness the launch of a changed version of your storage media in terms of parts and technology. It is needless to say, it is quite hard to find the same or even similar parts of your hard drive from the same manufacturer, once it is a year old. This is the reason, a vast inventory is the necessity for data recovery and you should ensure this, while choosing a data recovery company.

Data security during data recovery:

Along with successful recovery, data security is very much important for your critical data. If your confidential data goes into wrong hands, it can be disastrous. You must check the security policies and privacy policy the data recovery company follows before assigning the job.

Price and Process:

Lastly, ensure the transparency of the processes followed by the company. The best service can be purchased for a slightly high price, but the company must assure you regarding its quality service and competitive price accordingly.

Your data is valuable. One wrong attempt in handing over your troubled media to an inefficient company may cost you, your whole data. It is always wise to think properly & sufficiently before choosing the data recovery company.

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