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Lenovo ThinkServer Recovery

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NAS Lenovo ThinkServer designed by Lenovo for home and small business to offer them a better data storage and backup capacity. Lenovo ThinkServer has been giving tough competition to other HPE, Dell Servers. Lenovo’s ThinkServers took centre stage when it launched Gen5 ThinkServer Family. ThinkServer has had complete hardware refresh. Lenovo completely redesigned the server systems and put it on par with Dell and HPE.Affordable and reliable enterprise-class network attached storage appliances for small to medium, home or personal work environments.

NAS Lenovo ThinkServer comes with following variations:

  • System X-Rack servers are ideal for small to mid-range businesses,
  • Lenovo tower servers used for their performance, reliability and ease of use
  • Blades– to support varied and unique demands of the business
  • Mission critical –  decrease cost for cloud computing deployments
  • High Density – used to run hyper-converged and distributed enterprise architecture.

TS100 was the first server model for the ThinkServer product line. These servers have single and dual sockets which Lenovo developed with IBM. The ThinkServer product line was designed for Small Business to ease the process of server management and also to curb the dependence on IT Support.

Lenovo ThinkServer Recovery

Like Any other NAS system the Lenovo ThinkServer NAS can fail, and the most common reasons for NAS failure are

  • NAS configuration failure
  • NAS controller failure
  • Multiple hard drive failure

NAS is the collection of multiple hard drives that are interconnected to each other, in case a single hard drive fails they system continues to operate fine. But with two or more hard disk failure the NAS Server may not be able to work efficiently. Data Recovery from NAS servers is possible but do not attempt data recovery, unless the data holds no value.

To Avoid Any Further Damage the Lenovo ThinkServer-

  • Label all disks with the slot number and mark defective hard disks.
  • Do not install any other programs – especially in the case of data loss by deleting vmdk files, but also other logical problems.
  • Do not rebuild. An incomplete or corrupt rebuild can increase the amount of data recovery time by a multiple. It also reduces the chances that all data can be saved and files restored.

Lenovo ThinkServer Recovery requires a comprehensive know-how to successfully recover data. Our Data Recovery Engineers have extensive knowledge of the Servers, regardless of model.

Speak to our Lenovo ThinkServer Recovery Experts for up to 95% data recovery.

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